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    1. Welcome to the company's official website!
      Focus on R & D and productionof electric heating products
      Strong strength

      Build a mature teamNobe is trusted

      01 Strong supporting capacity

      Nuobei electric focuses on the R & D, production, sales and service of electric heating products, providing customers with direct price and high quality products!
      Personalized customization

      • 14 yearsexperience
      • 10200㎡area covered
      • 200 setsequipment
      • 200team
      • 10+production line
      • 365 daysCash Only
      02 Quality assurance
      • Complete qualification

        Enterprises abiding by contracts and keeping promises
        technologically advanced enterprise
        ISO9001:2008 quality certification

      • Quality assurance

        Rely on good processing equipment
        Perfect detection means
        Guarantee product quality from the source

      • Strict testing

        Sound quality control system
        Multi detection process
        Products have passed ISO quality certification

      • Excellent team

        Production team and inspection team
        Rich experience
        Effectively control production process and quality

      03 Fine construction capability
      Standard construction

      Strictly follow the construction technology to ensure the project quality and progress.

      Strict acceptance

      Strict acceptance system to ensure that the project through the industry acceptance standards, timely delivery.

      Perfect service

      Free maintenance, operation and other technical training, door-to-door problem solving, 24-hour online service.

      ABOUT US

      Yangzhong Nuobei Electric Co., Ltd

      Yangzhong Nuobei Electric Co., Ltd. is located in the guide industrial zone of Yangzhong City. Since its establishment in 2006, under the correct leadership of the Party committee and the government at a higher level, it has thoroughly implemented the scientific outlook on development and made every effort to build and implement the development strategy of integrating electric heating resources and creating one-stop service. After several years of hard climbing, with the support of various purchasers and the care and help of many experts and friends in the industry, we have achieved a satisfactory development.

      Hotline: 18952973080

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